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Rand Paul shows why Cruz is winning

Remember when Rand Paul was a “libertarian?” Sure, it was always a stretch, but he tried to carry that banner for a while. Paul’s great mission was to somehow meld traditional libertarianism with religious fundamentalism, building a new Neo-Confederate appeal.

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What comes after the culture wars?

The culture wars seem to be grinding toward a close. So what comes next? Are there ways that elements of the old left and right can hash together new alliances to deal with the circumstances we face now? Noah Smith

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Candy Cigarettes and Social Conservatives

Growing up, there was a U-Totem just a block from my cousin’s trailer park.  We used to walk there to buy candy cigarettes and a brand of gum that came in a fake Skoal can. I developed a pack-a-day candy

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Chick-fil-A, Gay Marriage, and Your Grandchildren

It’s hard to read about the Civil War or the Civil Rights Movement without playing a game of ‘what would I have done?’  That’s a particularly pointed exercise for a white Southerner whose cherished ancestors placed themselves so consistently and

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