Protecting All Unborn Life in Texas


Many are not so lucky. Every year trillions of spermatozoa are senselessly destroyed, most of them murdered for pointless pleasure. Each death is a harrowing indictment of a culture of sexual anarchy which places pleasure ahead of life.

The Texas Legislature is working hard, over the objections of Senators like Wendy Davis, to protect unborn life, but their insufficient efforts so far reflect an insulting bias against men. Government is quick to recognize the vital reproductive power of women and seek to protect them with thoughtful pro-life legislation. Meanwhile men are ignored, their contributions to the reproductive process devalued and denigrated by society. This anti-male bias must end. Life in all its forms deserves protection.

The Bible describes in explicit detail God’s anger at senseless slaughter. In Genesis 38, God demonstrated the punishment due for spermicide. Not waiting for human justice, God in a rare act of vengeance intervened personally to execute Onan for destroying his own irreplaceable seed.

Christianity, from its earliest thinkers like Clement of Alexandria and Jerome recognized the meaning of this passage and the primacy of life over passion. By direct act, God placed an exclamation point in the scripture making clear the utter sanctity of every sperm.

Science has not yet definitively measured the pain experienced by slain spermatozoa as they struggle vainly to survive. Needless to say, if the public were forced to watch the heart-wrenching end of these beautiful fountains of life, destroyed before they can see their fathers or know God’s love, opinions about spermicide would change overnight. That’s why the Godless voices of the mainstream media never cover this vital issue.

Bible-believing Christians are not free to pick and choose which scriptures they will respect. Especially when God’s word is so inarguably explicit, Christians are compelled to use their influence in the political arena to bring God’s justice in the world. Anything less would bring judgment on our own heads and call down holy wrath on our nation.

Government must act immediately to see that every discharge is conducted in a sincere effort to allow living sperm to pursue the possibility of birth. Anyone destroying these precious lives or encouraging others to do so should be brought to justice.

Legislation should be enacted requiring men to account for every discharge. This legislation should not be unreasonable or unnecessarily intrusive. It should provide exemptions from prosecution for innocent accidents. Any affected sheets or undergarments must be produced and the materials should be disposed of with the appropriate solemnities.

Naturally, repeat cases should be subject to heightened scrutiny. Those found guilty of deliberate spermicide without procreative intent should be punished for the murder they have committed.

To avoid appearing too severe, the law should contain humane provisions to protect the father’s health. If a discharge is necessary to protect the life of the father, there should a process by which a man can obtain a license for permissible waste. Even in such an extreme and presumably rare case, the father should be forced to view microscopic images of the sperm and he must have all of the consequences of his actions explained to him, including the possibility of spermal pain.

He must also be forced to hear stories of those who successfully held their sperm, discharging it later in a manner that led to procreation. The father must be notified of the potential to donate his sperm so that it may enjoy a chance at birth.

The doctor conducting the procedure must warn him of the possible psychiatric consequences, sometimes referred to as Post-Discharge Syndrome. Though medical science dismisses the syndrome, many prospective fathers report feelings of deep sadness and shame for the destruction of unborn life in which they participated, along with an elevated risk of blindness. These measures would protect men’s interests by providing them with the information they need to make informed choices.

Only after judicial review, a cold shower, and an appropriate waiting period should a man be able to conduct the discharge, and then only in a facility equipped to handle the most sophisticated surgical procedures. These precautions express not only society’s great concern for life, but the desire to protect men from physical or emotional harm at this time when they are so emotionally fragile.

Thanks to beer, a great mix tape, and a youthful disregard for consequences, you received your precious chance to be conceived. So many people never got the opportunity you enjoy. The death cries of trillions of sperm ring out to heaven, calling down judgment on us all. Wise legislation could end this abomination and bring a fresh respect for life to our nation.

Protecting the sanctity of every human life means affording men the respect they deserve for their critical role in the reproductive process. As Texas moves to protect women from the dangers of abortion, let’s not forget that life begins long before the act is consummated. Fathers deserve equal respect and compassion.

Never forget to thank your father for choosing life.

A resource for men who need help to “take that energy and use it in more productive ways”:

Chris Ladd is a Texan living in the Chicago area. He has been involved in grassroots Republican politics for most of his life. He was a Republican precinct committeeman in suburban Chicago until he resigned from the party and his position after the 2016 Republican Convention. He can be reached at gopliferchicago at gmail dot com.

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