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My Favorite Republican

The lost hero of modern conservatism was a charismatic maverick who represented the best hope for the post-Cold War Republican Party.  He gave us an opportunity to build the Party’s center-right posture into a post-racial juggernaut that could have dominated

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Confronting a Post-Middle Class America

If it seems like the middle class in America isn’t what it used to be perhaps that’s because it doesn’t exist anymore.  There is no longer a coherent block of Americans in the middle income range that shares a common

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Candy Cigarettes and Social Conservatives

Growing up, there was a U-Totem just a block from my cousin’s trailer park.  We used to walk there to buy candy cigarettes and a brand of gum that came in a fake Skoal can. I developed a pack-a-day candy

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Our Most Overregulated Underregulated Industry

The Securities Act of 1933 is one of the most elegant and successful pieces of complex legislation in history.  In less than 60 pages it constructed a regulatory framework that would allow Wall Street to survive its self-immolation and re-emerge

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The Purpose of the Social Safety Net

When my father was young, my grandfather was seriously injured in a ranch accident.  He was unable to work for an extended time and was never able to return to his previous job.  While he struggled to recover and find

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Universal Health Care for the Ownership Society

Sooner or later, Republicans will be forced to offer a pragmatic alternative to the Affordable Care Act. We haven’t done this because health care is a miserable political swamp for the GOP. It forces us out of our comfort zone,

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Health Care is Not a Market

“Where it is impossible to create the conditions necessary to make competition effective, we should resort to other methods of guiding economic activity.” -Friedrich Hayek, The Road to Serfdom, p.37 Here’s a simple solution to our health care mess. Eliminate

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Gun Control in the Ownership Society

In an ownership culture, government does less to dictate individual choices and more to ensure accountability, transparency and responsibility. Those values are sorely lacking in current gun laws and almost completely absent from proposals under consideration. Our current gun laws

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How to End the Welfare State

How would Republicans react to a proposal that would eliminate the food stamp program, shut down welfare, slash the state and federal workforce, replace Social Security, and end the minimum wage? How would Democrats respond if that same program extended

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