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Why Trump is Worse than Cruz

John Boehner admitted, “I’ve never worked with a more miserable son of bitch in my life” and went on to describe Ted Cruz as “Lucifer in the flesh.” In the Senate, Cruz suggested that fellow Republican Chuck Hagel might be

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Link Roundup 5/6/2016

From the Washington Post: SpaceX is converting a wonder into a habit. From Transport Evolved: Japan now has more electric charging outlets than gas stations. From Bloomberg: In a feat of vertical integration, Nestle wants to sell diabetes therapies. From

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Well, that happened…

Thanks a lot Indiana. The race for the delegate count is effectively over. Trump will almost certainly gain the numbers he needs to win on a first ballot – if everyone cooperates in Cleveland. Odds are pretty good that over

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Link Roundup, 5/2/2016

From the Washington Post: What happens when you have virtually no sensible gun regulation or accountability in a nation of 350m people? Toddlers on a rampage. From MarketWatch: Mexican immigration has been declining since 1999. It has been negative since

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