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Georgia as a swing state

Georgia was a fat disappointment for Democrats in 2014. Years of demographic transformation seemed to be opening new opportunities. A dominant bloc of aging white conservatives that had recently pivoted from the Democratic Party to the GOP appeared to be

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Excerpt from The Politics of Crazy: “Do Something”

This blog, and the first book it’s inspired, came out of a desire to “do something” about a set of political conditions that caused me concern. One of the problems that struck me is the way our lifestyle seems to

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My first book is available now

Here’s a little secret about the GOPLifer blog. For almost seven years, you folks have been helping me write a book. Now it’s available as an ebook from Amazon at this location, Since you helped write it, you’ll have

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Link roundup for June 4

Still traveling so not much time to write, but getting ready for a big announcement this weekend. Stay tuned. In the meantime, here’s what’s caught my attention over the past few days. For those who aren’t yet embarrassed by the

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