Hygiene for an open forum

Hopefully many of you are enjoying this platform. I’m finding it a lot more enjoyable than I anticipated and I intend to maintain it. That said, it is by necessity very lightly moderated. A few reminders about best practice might be helpful.

Don’t worry about “hijacking” a thread. The topic/subtopic structure of the comments mean that you can pretty much post whatever you want and replies can go off in their own direction while other conversations continue. I like it. Go nuts. The more the comments section resembles an old-fashioned message board the better.

Civility on a platform like this is largely a two-dimensional choice. As the wise Homer Simpson once said, “it takes two to lie – one to tell the lie and another to believe it.” Likewise, offensive trollery tends to starve where people ignore it. It blooms, spreads, and spawns where it draws attention. Dumb comments are best left to rot in the digital sun.

Thoughtful disagreement is fuel for a place like this. A reply is a kind of acknowledgement of an interesting and credible opposing viewpoint.

Most of the usual stuff about be respectful and whatnot is unnecessary here. I appreciate that fact a lot.

I’ve learned a lot over the years from the comments on these posts. Thanks for hanging out there and making this so much fun.

Chris Ladd is a Texan living in the Chicago area. He has been involved in grassroots Republican politics for most of his life. He was a Republican precinct committeeman in suburban Chicago until he resigned from the party and his position after the 2016 Republican Convention. He can be reached at gopliferchicago at gmail dot com.

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12 comments on “Hygiene for an open forum
  1. kabuzz61 says:

    You are wonderful. Your insights display a thoughtfulness that is equal to none. You in fact are never wrong and you are always trying to help the GOP be better people. Well done.

  2. lomamonster says:

    The ‘Group Grok’ is indeed spectacular on this forum, and I would like to add my thanks to your efforts to hang in there even in the midst of pitched controversies and arguments. We are all richer for having this forum, and I am certain that if you persevere, we will evidence the emergence of your blog becoming a nationally prominent fixture of American Politic.

    I already think that it is…

    • lomamonster says:

      And Chris, I almost forgot to tell you that I really thank you for not overly prioritizing membership(s) on social sites as a prerequisite for membership on your blog. I had to drop my membership on the Huff Post because I refused to join any social sites, and I miss being able to contribute to blogs there, but I want no part of any of those sites. They simply are not going to be part of my life, and I may never get a smartphone either! Well, at least not one that I have to stare at all day.

      Sometimes, contemplating one’s navel is much more gratifying!

      • flypusher says:

        The smart phone is something I’ve found very useful, and many of it’s functions have been useful for my job! As far as screwing around killing time with it, that’s always my choice as to how much time.

        Bur Facebook, etc.? I’ve resisted that, even though so many of my friends and family do it.

  3. rightonrush says:

    Thanks for providing a place for old friends and friendemies to express their views. I agree with the comment on trolls. It’s best to just ignore them when they scream for attention.

  4. way2gosassy says:

    Isn’t a troll one of those little green smelly things I often find on the bottom of my shoe?

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