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Link Roundup, 9/16/16

From Governing: Maine voters will decide a ballot measure that would introduce ranked-choice voting. From The Atlantic: How should journalists report a candidate’s lies? From Politico: Gov. Kasich is pulling a Christie – embracing a Democratic President in an election year.

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Political violence

It may be possible for America to survive a second Clinton Administration, but only if true patriots are willing to shed blood to achieve our nation’s redemption. If Clinton is elected, only violence can redeem what our apathy has lost.

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The agents of intolerance have won

The day after McCain’s “Agents of Intolerance” speech I was online exploring ways to volunteer for his campaign. Good thing I was quick, because it didn’t last much longer. That speech in February of 2000, posted here in its entirety,

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Agents of Intolerance

Transcript of Senator John McCain’s remarks on the religious right, delivered in Virginia Beach on February 28, 2000, at the height of his campaign for the Republican nomination. [Intros and thank you’s] We usually conduct a town hall meeting after

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Link Roundup, 9/9/16

From Esquire: As the pain of 9/11 becomes less raw, we are beginning to see it in more depth. Esquire looks at the history of one of that day’s more harrowing photos. From JSTOR: A scholarly journal commemorates the 50th

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New Forbes post, 9/6/16

From this morning’s post at Forbes, Trump’s Bad Math: If the rambling wreck of the Trump campaign can be said to have a strategy, it seems to center on a myth from the 2012 race. A faction on the right

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This is not a close election

There were a lot of good reasons for Monday Night Football to cancel its experiment with Dennis Miller in the booth. Nobody understood his obscure references, he used too many big words, and his shtick was a consistent distraction from

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First post at Forbes

While plans are underway for a successor to the GOPLifer blog, I have also started to post some material to a new blog at Forbes. The inaugural piece looks at selected down-ballot races this fall for guidance into the power

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Link Roundup, 8/29/16

From Gizmodo: NOW I care about climate change. Coffee shortage is starting to take a toll. From Scientific American: Our per-capita environmental impact is declining. From Rolling Stone: The story of two soldiers left behind in Iraq. From Recode: Google’s

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Paying out the Trump pool

It was a simpler, more innocent time. Back in the summer of 2015 the GOPLifer blog laughed off the threat of a Donald Trump nomination with a lighthearted wager. Commenters posted a date when they estimated Trump’s polling numbers would

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