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Link Roundup, April 11, 2016

From Inverse: Watching the new anti-vaxx propaganda film with true believers. From the NY Times: A look at global coral die-off. From NatGeo: Mapping the war in Syria. From Fusion: A strange horror story from the Internet Age. As we

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Merle Haggard

Before there was gangster rap or heavy metal or even psychedelic rock, there were The Outlaws. Johnny Cash got himself banned from the Grand Ole Opry for smashing the footlights while high. Waylon Jennings refused to play the Opry because

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Wisconsin may be big

Cruz scored a big win in Wisconsin. It doesn’t look like much on paper – Trump still only needs to collect about 54% of the remaining 888 delegates in order to lock up the nomination – about the same position

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Data challenge for the Wisconsin primary

Though the outcome of Wisconsin’s primaries look pretty predictable, there is still an interesting data story to watch. It would be fascinating to see an overlay of Trump’s strongest counties/precincts with the areas where George Wallace experienced his greatest success

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Talking about abortion

Remember that time you had an intelligent, thoughtful conversation about abortion with someone who held a different opinion? Neither do I. That’s a problem. When the Texas Legislature was fighting to pass new restrictions on abortion rights in the 2013

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Looking at the 2016 Election

It will be quieter than usual around here for the next couple of months. This is a very intense time at the day job, culminating with a big trip to Southeast Asia in May. It’s all great stuff, but it

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