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American conservatives’ Putin man-crush

Pat Buchanan has been defending Putin for years as a successful culture warrior defending civilized values against the growing power of liberal nancies. Social conservatives admired his courage in standing up for besieged heterosexuals. Isaac Chotiner has a piece about

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Adapting to an Age of Global Wealth

Perhaps a single data point can summarize the shape of the world and the challenge before us. Since roughly 1975, the global economy has added more wealth per capita than we created in all of previous human history. The unlocking

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A Houston Republican on marriage, fundamentalism and the culture wars

Here’s a little quiz. Which raving lefty in the Democratic Party penned this: We do not live in a theocracy. Our country is not a church. And that is by design. The Founders of this country insisted upon religious freedom.

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The First Rule of Foreign Policy: Don’t Panic

American foreign policy has always been a bit short on perspective, but that problem has been markedly worse since 9/11. Somehow our enemies, no matter how weak or pathetic, loom like giant mechanical super-villains in our imaginations. Viewed with a

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The Chipotle Economy

Matthew Yglesias published a good piece this week explaining the economics that drive the expansion of the low-wage service sector. He used Chipotle as an example, explaining how the process of creating a burrito is hard to automate or export,

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