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Does the Tea Party Have Scots-Irish Roots?

Grandma said we’re Scots-Irish.  The answer didn’t help much with my fourth grade class project on ancestry since she couldn’t tell me much more about it.  “That’s what my Grandfather said we are,” she explained in that tone which meant

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The Very First Tea Party Speech

The Tea Party movement plainly has roots in earlier political trends, but it’s tough to pinpoint a seminal moment, a spark out of which this ideology of tribal rage took its modern form.  By accident over the weekend I think

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Smart People, Stupid Politics

A friend shared with me some very disturbing information this week.  He has evidence that seems to suggest that the Sandy Hook school shooting was staged by the government as a pretext to take away our guns. This shocking news

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Reconstruction 2.0 and the Neo-Confederate Backlash

The Federal Reconstruction effort that followed the Civil War is generally regarded as a failure, but over the past few decades a powerful combination of Federal intervention and global capitalism is transforming Southern life in ways that Yankee armies never

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Emancipate the Entitlement Plantation

Like many other freeloading losers, I receive a wide range of government handouts.  Taxpayers give me money to pay for housing and health care.  For years the government helped me pay my student loan interest.  Federal money has helped me

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The Republican Dilemma on a Map

The Republican Party’s most electable candidate starts this race trailing Obama by only a few points in national polls.  That seems like a promising development until you look at the map.  At this point the most likely outcome of the

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The Tea Party vs. Math: A Detailed Look at the 2012 Results

The Religious Right and Tea Party groups are making the case that Romney could have won if he had more clearly and unambiguously embraced their policies.  They are determined to force the Republican Party to stop nominating “moderates,” on the

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