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How democracy works now

For anyone interested in understanding how they might personally wield some influence in politics, the stories emerging from Cantor’s loss are a rich trove of insights. Particularly interesting is this piece in the Washington Post published by a young Democratic

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A conservative looks at food trucks

The American Conservative Magazine may among the last places in America where anyone still remembers what the term “conservative” means. Yesterday they tackled the issue of food trucks in Alexandria, VA and as usual their approach is more thoughtful, nuanced,

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Who really controls our politics?

Who is really running America? The Koch Brothers? George Soros? The Illuminati? The Lizard People? Researchers studying the question have found the answer – American politics is dominated by “the 1%.” Trouble is, this is not the 1% you are

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War and Conservatism

Stanford Professor Ian Morris got a lot of attention this week for an op-ed he published in the Washington Post provocatively titled, “In the long run, wars make us safer and richer.” The article is connected to the release of

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Local regulation and the politics of social conservatism

Time has a story on the impact of state and local regulations on market innovators like Tesla, Uber and Airbnb. There’s an opportunity here for Republicans, but it’s an opportunity we are unlikely to seize. From the article: Airbnb, a

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Life After Future Shock

At Christmas a few years ago we gave my son a Star Trek phaser and communicator. They were impressive replica toys complete with all the features and details from the original series. He was initially very excited about it, but

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A new political consensus is emerging

Michael Lind’s latest article for Policy Network, Beyond Reaganism and Clintonism: the emerging political order in the US, may have rendered this blog irrelevant. He has managed to summarize in a single, condensed article the entire political transformation I’ve been

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A Next Generation Republican Agenda

At some point soon, Republicans will be forced to develop a governing agenda built on something other than white paranoia, something with roots in real world problems and an emphasis on practical solutions. Hollow rhetoric that glorifies the rich while

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Why the Right Has Such Lousy Information

You have to be a certain age to remember the days when Republicans tended to be better informed and more rational than their opponents. Back before the conservative media complex took on its present shape, conservatives constructed their vision of

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Where the Crazy May Be Coming From

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke Our politics is getting weird.  We’ve always struggled against opportunism and corruption and lying.  But the fresh rise of what can only fairly be described as “crazy” is

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